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Syria: Terrorists Again Target Christians in Idlib

This is just the latest cross that the Christians of Syria must bear, as they have been suffering for their faith for years now, and there has been no respite for them. Al-Qaeda as well as ISIS remain active in Syria, and in recent years many Orthodox Christians and other Christians have been driven from their homes, forcibly converted, otherwise persecuted, and even killed by ISIS. Meanwhile, a new UN report reveals that ISIS is resurgent and ready for war. Please continue to pray for the vulnerable and threatened Christians of Syria.

“Terrorists Again Target Syrian Christians in Idlib,” International Christian Concern, November 30, 2018:

11/30/2018 Syria (International Christian Concern) – A number of media reports indicate that the Syrian al-Qaeda splinter group known as al-Nusra has recently increased its targeting of Christians in the province of Idlib. Warnings have reportedly been issued by al-Nusra that all Christian goods are the spoils of war and will be seized. Meanwhile, other reports indicate that al-Nusra is again preparing to target the Christian town of Mhardeh.

This town has been a safe haven for Christians, most of whom are Greek Orthodox. It is located near the Idlib buffer zone, which is supposed to be a demilitarized safe harbor for displaced persons. Throughout the civil war, which began in 2011, Mhardeh has repeatedly been targeted by terrorist groups who are seeking to take control of the town.

This past September, ICC reported how terrorists had targeted Mhardeh with missiles which carried cluster bombs. There were at least 20 wounded and 10 fatalities. Some media reports have raised concerns that the terrorists will again attempt to attack the city using banned weapons….

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