Efforts in the Judicial Arena

Legal Committee Charge
Legal Committee Charge

Archon Christopher Stratakis, Esq.
Chairman of Archon Legal Committee

Seek legal remedies against government of Turkey regarding religious freedom deficit

  • Yale School of Law (+Emanuel G. Demos, Esq.)
  • Cornell School of Law (George C. Rockas, Esq.)
New Developments
  1. Alliance with European Centre for Law and Justice (Strasbourg, Fr.); European counterpart of ACLJ based in Washington; Dr. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel
  2. Working with Turkish human rights attorney and developing technical strategy, given recent landmark decision from European Court of Human Rights
  3. Developing relationship with ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom)
The Strategy

Bring cases before European Court of Human Rights in context of EU accession

  • Legal Personality
  • Government interference in election
  • Property Confiscation
  • Closure of Halki