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Pakistan: Karachi Christian Man In Hiding After Being Threatened With Death

A small number of the Christians in Pakistan are Orthodox. Orthodox Christians in Pakistan are under the spiritual jurisdiction of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia, which comprises all the Orthodox Communities, Parishes, Foundations and Philanthropic Projects in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Brunei, Timor, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, as well as Pakistan.

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“Karachi Christian Man In Hiding After Being Threatened With Death,” Friday Times, October 21, 2022:

A Karachi-based Christian man and his children have been forced into hiding after being threatened with death less they convert to Islam.

Father-of-two Yasir Masih has been been under severe pressure to convert after his spouse accepted Islam some time ago. Masih’s wife, who reportedly, converted without his knowledge, is said to have attempted lure Masih by promising him cash and property.

The woman, who stopped living with the family following Masih’s refusal to convert, sent him a feeler. When the man arrived at the spot, dozens of men ‘greeted him’. Masih was asked to convert once again after being seated. A pistol and cash were placed at the table before him.

The men let Masih and the children go after his daughter vouched that she wanted to live with “Jesus Pappa”, according to Pak Christian News. Police is said to have turned a blind eye despite Masih’s spouse confessing how she had attempted to poison her husband and children….

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