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Pakistan: Islamist guns down 20-year-old Christian, police slow to act

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“Christian Shot Dead in Pakistan for Unknown Reasons,” Morning Star News, November 19, 2023:

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A Muslim gunned down a 20-year-old Christian in Pakistan on Nov. 9, the latest case of a religious minority victimized for unknown reasons with police slow to act, sources said.

In Talwandi Inayat Khan village, Pasrur tehsil of Sialkot District, Punjab Province, Farhan Ul Qamar was killed in his under-construction house at about 3 a.m. by Muhammad Zubair, his brother Shahan Ul Qamar said.

“Farhan was training to be a laboratory technician and was a humble soul, and we are clueless as to why Zubair trespassed in our home in the dark of the night and killed him,” Ul Qamar told Morning Star News.

He said he and his brother were sleeping in their parents’ room when the noise of the intrusion woke them.

“When my father turned the light on, he saw Zubair sitting on the window sill with a pistol in his hand,” Ul Qamar said. “Before my father could say something, Zubair started hurling abuses at Farhan, who had just woken up, and then opened fire at him, hitting him thrice in the right ear, neck and collarbone.”

As the entire family woke to the gunshots, Zubair jumped inside and held Ul Qamar’s mother at gunpoint, he said.

“He continued to curse and abuse us as he made his way to the main gate while pointing the pistol at my mother,” he said. “We looked on helplessly as the murderer got on his motorcycle and fled while shooting in the air.”

The previous day, Zubair had tried to pick a fight with his brother as he stood outside the home under construction, Ul Qamar said.

“Farhan and my paternal uncle were talking when Zubair appeared out of nowhere and started cursing Farhan over a pile of bricks that was placed on the roadside by laborers working on our under-construction house,” he told Morning Star News. “Zubair doesn’t even live on our street, and there was no reason for him to quarrel with Farhan.”…

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