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Pakistan: Christian Wedding Violently Raided by Police

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan: here, the violent disruption of this wedding was perpetrated by policemen. The entire Christian community of Pakistan is threatened by this harassment and persecution that is carried out by the officials who should be protecting the nation’s Christians. Pakistan’s small and courageous Orthodox Christian community is as vulnerable to this persecution as are the rest of Pakistan’s Christians.

Please pray that the Christian community in Pakistan will be able to endure this martyrdom and experience a resurrection, and that relief will come to this courageous and long-suffering Christian community.

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“Christian Wedding in Pakistan Violently Raided by Police,” International Christian Concern, December 11, 2019:

12/11/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On December 5, four policemen dressed in civilian clothes violently raided a Christian wedding ceremony in Gojra, located in Pakistan’s Punjab province. According to the victims, the police beat several of the Christians attending the wedding, used abusive language, and vandalized the home where the ceremony was taking place.

According to witnesses, the wedding of Sajid Masih was in progress when the policemen attack. In a video uploaded to Facebook, one of the victims claimed that the police used abusive language, calling the Christian women “Kanjries”, prostitutes, and “Choori”, a derogatory word used to describe Christians as unclean and untouchable.

“Those injured were refused medical treatment at the nearest hospital, as per the police directives to the medical staff,” Bishop John Samuel of Faisalabad explained. In the midst of the attack, a Christian youth was severely beaten by police when he confronted a policeman who had torn his sister’s dress and dragged her into the street….

Christians in Pakistan face widespread discrimination and intolerance because of their faith identity. This discrimination can often explode into outright instances of persecution. Unfortunately, this discrimination also effects Pakistan’s law enforcement and is often the root cause of police abuse against the Christian community.

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