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India: Violence kills scores of Christians and turns churches to ashes

On May 28, reported on the attacks on Christians in Manipur. The violence has only increased since then.

Many Hindus believe that conversion to Christianity is an attack on their culture and way of life, and an imminent threat to both, despite the fact that Christianity has been a presence in India since the days of St. Thomas the Apostle. 

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in India, see here.

“Violence in India kills scores of Christians and turns churches to ashes,” The Christian Institute, June 3, 2023:

At least 70 Christians have been killed and hundreds of churches razed to the ground during violence in the state of Manipur, north-west India, a Christian charity has reported.

Open Doors said Christians in the region “have been especially singled out for persecution”.

Violence erupted at the beginning of May, following reportedly peaceful protests over a tribal land dispute with the local government.

According to Open Doors, which partners with local people and organisations, at least 70 Christians have been killed, around 300 churches burned down, and more than 10,000 believers displaced….

One source told the charity: “Everything which had a Christian identity or Christian mark was attacked by the majority community in Manipur.”

Another reported: “Many churches were burned in front of us, and it has been very difficult to see this unfold before us. We want to be strong. Pray that God helps us.”

Lord Alton of Liverpool asked the UK Government if any representations had been made to the Indian authorities about reports that their “security services did not intervene as Christians were killed and forced to leave their homes”….

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