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Democratic Republic of Congo: Islamists ‘Mercilessly Killing Christians’

According to International Christian Concern, the Democratic Republic of Congo is “a predominately Christian nation….While a large majority (85-90%) of DRC’s population is Christian, violence rooted in Islamic extremism continues to worsen, putting the country at number 40 on the 2021 Open Doors World Watch List for Christian persecution. ‘These predominantly Christian communities are attacked by an Islamic extremist group with a clear Islamic expansionist agenda,’ Open Doors spokesperson Illia Djadi stated in reference to the rebel group.”

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“Islamists ‘Mercilessly Killing Christians’ in North-Eastern DRC,” Barnabas Fund, April 7, 2022:

At least a dozen people have been killed in an attack by Islamists on the village of Masambo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The attack, on Sunday April 3, was carried out by the Islamist group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

A church leader in neighboring Uganda confirmed that that the ADF are “mercilessly killing Christians.” He added that many people are fleeing north-eastern DRC and seeking refuge in western Uganda….

These attacks are part of a spate of violence across North Kivu and its neighboring province of Ituri, much of it carried out by Islamists.

In March 2022 more than 50 people in Ituri and at least 30 in North Kivu were killed in attacks by the ADF….

In a video released on April 1, ADF leader Musa Baluku renewed the group’s pledge of allegiance (bayato Islamic State (IS – also known as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh)….

The ADF, also known as Islamic State Central Africa Province, was designated a terrorist organization by the United States in March 2021. In April of that year Christian leaders in DRC warned of ADF’s strategy to “kidnap and force victims to join the Islamic faith.”

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