2010 Brussels Speeches & Addresses

Speeches & Addresses

Welcoming Remarks of Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis

Please allow me first to express our deep appreciation to Her Excellency Rodi Kratsa Tsagaropoulou, Vice President of the European Parliament for hosting this conference here at the European Parliament. We are most grateful Madame Vice President.

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Closing Remarks of Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis

It is with overwhelming feelings of pride and gratitude that I humbly offer these closing thoughts to you today. Truly, in the last 48 hours, we have experienced an extraordinary event of lasting spiritual, political, diplomatic and social significance.

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Speech of Lakis Vingas

I am honored and pleased to join you here, today, in the seat of the European Union, to discuss issues of religious freedom and some general concerns expressed by religious minorities in Turkey.

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