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Syria: Over 120 churches damaged by war since 2011

The Christians of Syria have been suffering for their faith for years now, and there has been no respite for them. Al-Qaeda as well as ISIS remain active in Syria, and in recent years many Orthodox Christians and other Christians have been driven from their homes, forcibly converted, otherwise persecuted, and even killed by ISIS. Meanwhile, a new UN report reveals that ISIS is resurgent and ready for war. Please continue to pray for the vulnerable and threatened Christians of Syria.

“Report: Over 120 churches damaged by war in Syria since 2011,” Associated Press, September 9, 2019:

BEIRUT – A Syrian war monitor associated with the opposition said Monday that over 120 Christian places of worship have been damaged or destroyed by all sides in the country’s eight-year conflict.

Some of the attacks were deliberate, such as the Islamic State group using bulldozers to destroy the ancient Saint Elian Monastery in Homs province in 2015. The majority, however, were caused by front-line combat, shelling or rockets.

Christians made up about 10 percent of Syria’s pre-war population of 23 million, who co-existed with the Muslim majority and enjoyed freedom of worship under President Bashar Assad’s government.

Most have left for Europe over the past 20 years, with their flight significantly gathering speed since the start of the current conflict….

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