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Pakistan: Security Forces Stop Christmas Day Terror Attack

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan: Violence against Christians and other religious minorities, and the discrimination that they suffer, is an issue of immense importance that nevertheless receives scant attention from the UN or international human rights organizations. The nation’s small and courageous Orthodox Christian community is as vulnerable to this persecution as are the rest of Pakistan’s Christians.

Please pray that the Christian community in Pakistan will be able to endure this martyrdom and experience a resurrection.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, see here.

“Security Forces in Pakistan Stop Christmas Day Terror Attack,” International Christian Concern, December 23, 2020:

12/23/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Last week, security forces in Pakistan reportedly stopped a major terror attack planned to take place on Christmas Day in Peshawar. In a raid on a house in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Khyber district, four terrorists, including the leader of a banned militant outfit, were arrested.

The arrests took place last Thursday, December 17, after a raid on a house in Sipah. Security forces arrested four terrorists, including Zakir Afridi, the commander of Lashkar-e-Islam.

Along with the terrorists, security forces seized three suicide jackets and six improvised explosive devices.

Pakistan’s Christian community is often targeted by terrorists and extremists. Terrorists view Christians and their places of worship as representations of the West and target them to make political statements….

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