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Pakistan: Afghan Refugees Find Christ Amid Uncertainty

Afghanistan under the Taliban does not acknowledge that any citizen of the country is Christian at all. Most of the Christians in Afghanistan therefore keep their faith secret. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is illegal.

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“Seeking Salvation | Afghan Refugees Find Christ Amid Uncertainty,” International Christian Concern, February 29, 2024:

02/29/2024 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – In the aftermath of the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, Afghan Christians seeking refuge in neighboring Pakistan have few choices.

Pakistan was not equipped to manage a refugee crisis, but thousands crossed the border after the takeover. Many Afghans fled to Pakistan without visas, passports, and other identification. Once Afghan Christians step foot in Pakistan, however, their journeys are far from over.

Sardar and his Christian family initially had difficulty getting into Pakistan after the Taliban takeover. He was abducted by the Taliban en route to the border and held until his family could pay a ransom. They managed to scrape the money together, devastating them financially.

Once in Pakistan, Sardar and his family were not well received. Like nearly all refugees, they faced hunger and poor living conditions. With no means of work, they were at the mercy of Pakistan’s refugee system.

While Pakistan received refugees previously, the number of families that arrived following the collapse of Afghanistan was unprecedented. Thousands of Afghans flooded into Pakistan, so Sardar’s family was insignificant and their struggles commonplace. As with all the Christian refugee families, these struggles would undoubtedly have been worse had they been discovered as Christians.

More than two years later, ICC has been caring for more 30 Christian families that fled Afghanistan for Pakistan. We’ve also been sharing the gospel to those we call seekers, those who do not know Christ but are open to hearing the gospel….

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