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Nigeria: Young boy killed and three kidnapped in attack on Western Palm Sunday

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“Young boy killed and three kidnapped in Palm Sunday attack in Nigeria,” Open Doors, April 2, 2023:

A young boy has been killed and at least three people kidnapped, including a pastor, in an attack on a church in northern Nigeria on Palm Sunday (2 April) by suspected Fulani militants. 

Pastor Gwadue Kwaghtyo was leading an early morning prayer vigil at the church in the village of Akenawe in Benue State on Sunday when gunmen stormed in. “As they were praying, they were surrounded by the armed men,” reports Salome Tor, Chairman of Logo LGA. “They kidnapped three people, killed one boy and injured two people with a machete; they are now in the hospital.”

Some reports indicate that four people were kidnapped. Pastor Gwadue Kwaghtyo is among those reported to have been taken. 

The incident highlights the heightened risks facing millions of Christians during Holy Week. In many places, services are more regular and prominent, and this can further expose believers to hostility. Believers in Nigeria are especially prone to violent attacks; last year, more than 5,000 Christians lost their lives for their faith – that’s more than anywhere else in the world combined. The country is sixth on the World Watch List….

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