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Nigeria: Twenty-three pastors killed and more than 200 churches shut down since 2019 in Kaduna State

For information about Orthodox Christianity in Nigeria, see here.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in Nigeria from, see here.

“Updates on the Persecuted Church – September 26, 2023,” Barnabas Aid, September 26, 2023:

…Twenty-three pastors have been killed and more than 200 churches forcibly shut down because of anti-Christian violence within the past four years in Nigeria’s Kaduna State. These figures were revealed on September 12 by Pastor John Joseph Hayab, chairman of the Kaduna branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria, at a meeting of church leaders with the State Commissioner of Police, to discuss ongoing insecurity in the state. The total number of Christians killed in Kaduna in this time is not known, but is likely to be hundreds. Pray for God’s protection over church leaders and churches in Kaduna State. Ask that Christians remain steadfast in their faith, in spite of the threat of violence against them.

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