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Nigeria: 16 Christians Slain in Attacks in Benue State

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“16 Christians Slain in Attacks in Benue State, Nigeria,” Morning Star News, October 31, 2023:

ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists on Sunday (Oct. 29) killed six Christians in Benue state, following the slaughter of 10 others earlier this month, sources said.

In Tse Gamber village, Gwer West County, the assailants early on Sunday killed three Christians and kidnapped another, said area resident Perver Acham. He identified the kidnapped Christian as Iorhon Dam.

Acham said three other Christians were slain in Ngai village at about the same time.

Also in Gwer West County, herdsmen and other terrorists on Oct. 23 killed three Christians in Agagbe village, said area resident Terna Jacob, who identified them as Iorhemba Cletus, 37; Akaa Clifford, 50; and Igbahemba Abua, 55.

“They were ambushed and killed by the terrorists,” Jacob said in a text message to Morning Star News.

Another Christian in Benue state was killed after being kidnapped in September. A family member of 80-year-old Washima Erukaa, a Christian official of the Ukum Local Government Council who had been kidnapped from his home in Zakibiam on Sept. 23, said they learned on Sunday (Oct. 29) that he had been killed on Oct. 23 because relatives were unable to pay the demanded ransom amount.

“His captors had demanded that we pay a ransom of 5 million naira (US$6,340), but we were not able to raise the money,” said the relative on condition of anonymity. “However, on Oct. 29, they contacted us by phone and said our father had been killed and buried by them.”

Fulani herdsmen on Oct. 14 also attacked Imatom village in Logo County, killing three Christians at about 9 p.m., said resident resident Anawa Joseph. He identified the slain as Tertsea Terkimbi Adagundu, Tertsea Mkposu and Mimidoo Umburga….

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