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Kenya: Al-Shabaab Murders 2 Christians After Forcing Bus Passengers to Recite Islamic Statement of Faith

Kenya is 80% Christian, and there are over 600,000 Orthodox Christians there. Even in this majority-Christian land, however, the Christians live a precarious existence, due to the close proximity of the Somali Islamic militant group al-Shabaab. This incident demonstrates that al-Shabaab’s terror attacks are targeted specifically against Christians, as those who could recite the Islamic profession of faith were not killed. May Almighty God grant relief and protection to the embattled Christians of Kenya, and in their sufferings a witness to Christ so strong and compelling that even the hearts of al-Shabaab members will be turned away from darkness to His marvelous light.

“Al-Shabaab Executes 2 Christians After Forcing Bus Passengers to Recite Islamic Statement of Faith,” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post, September 18, 2018:

Al-Shabaab militants executed two Christians in Kenya after they attacked a bus and forced the passengers to recite the Islamic statement of faith.

International Christian Concern said that the attack happened on Friday, when seven Islamic militants from the terror group stopped a bus that was heading to Garissa.

As they have done in numerous previous attacks, the al-Shabaab radicals forced the passengers to present their identification cards, and separated them by Muslim and Christian names.

They forced the non-Muslims to recite the Shahada, or the Islamic statement of faith. The two people, apparently Christians, who failed to recite it were executed on the spot….

Kenya’s The Star also reported on the attack, and noted that, according to a witness, three people were initially tested by reciting the Shahada. The one who was able to recite the verses was spared and set free….

Al-Shabaab, which is based in Somalia but continues to carry out attacks in neighboring Kenya, remains one of Africa’s deadliest terror groups.

In April 2015 the terrorists killed close to 150 students during an ambush attack at Garissa University College, where the militants separated Muslims from Christians before executing the latter.

In August 2017, the terrorists killed another four Christian men in Kenya’s Lamu County, beheading three and burning alive another….

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