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Iran: Twelve Christian homes raided by intelligence agents in coordinated operation in Fardis, west of Tehran

Persecution of Christians in Iran: the fact that Bibles and other Christian literature was seized indicates how deeply threatened many governments that persecute Christians are by the Holy Gospel of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. They know that God can transform men’s souls, and authoritarian governments in particular fear that they will lose their control over their people if there are large-scale conversions to Christianity. The result is the persecution and harassment of converts to Christianity in particular.

Please pray that Almighty God would grant to him and to all the Christians of Iran the indomitable strength and perseverance in the Faith of the Holy Martyrs.

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“Christian homes targeted in coordinated Fardis raids,” Article 18, November 11, 2020:

Twelve Christian homes were raided by intelligence agents today in a coordinated operation in Fardis, west of Tehran, at around 9am.

None of the Christians were arrested, but many of their personal belongings were confiscated – including phones, laptops, Bibles, Christian literature and anything else to do with Christianity – and they can expect to be summoned for interrogation in the coming days.

This is the second time in just a few months that coordinated raids have targeted Christians in the Tehran area. 

Previously, on the evening of 30 June and morning of 1 July, at least 17 Christians were arrested during a coordinated operation affecting at least 35 Christians in Tehran, sister city Karaj, and Malayer, 400km southwest of Tehran.

Most of those arrested were released on bail after a few days, having been charged with “acting against national security by promoting ‘Zionist Christianity’”. …

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