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France investigates claims Algeria persecuting Christians

The Order applauds this investigation. The persecution of Christians should be a focus of governments all across the world that have commitments to human rights and religious freedom. We hope that this review will lead to concerted French government action to protect the Christians of Algeria, who, as we have repeatedly documented here, are vulnerable and subjected to ongoing harassment and persecution.

“France investigates claims Algeria persecuting Christians,” Middle East Monitor, February 28, 2019:

Through President Emmanuel Macron’s party, the French parliament has reopened the file of the rights of Christian minorities in Algeria, claiming that the authorities are exerting pressure on Christians.

According to official papers, French officials said special attention should be paid to the administrative pressures exerted by the Algerian government on places of worship and Protestant churches.

France will intervene and take action to express concern about the lack of religious freedoms, they added.

Since November 2017, the Algerian authorities have closed churches and held legal proceedings against Christian clerics…

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