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Democratic Republic of Congo: Islamic extremists claim responsibility for church bombing that killed 14

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Christians are 95% of the population. There is a small indigenous Orthodox Church there, under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. 

For more coverage of the persecution of Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo, see here.

“Islamic extremists claim responsibility for church bombing in Congo that killed 14, wounded 63 others,” Associated Press, January 16, 2023:

Islamic extremists claimed responsibility for a bombing of a church in eastern Congo as authorities said Monday that the toll from Sunday’s attack had risen to at least 14 dead.

The Islamic State group and its Aamaq news outlet issued statements saying that its militants had planted an explosive device inside the Pentecostal church in Kasindi and detonated it while people were praying.

“Let the Congolese forces know that their continued attacks on the Mujahideen will only bring them more failure and losses,” the group said in its statement.

The extremists claimed the bomb killed 20 Christians. Congolese authorities put the toll Monday at 14 dead and at least 63 wounded….

Fighters with the Allied Democratic Forces, a rebel organization which is believed to have links to the the Islamic State group, have carried out several attacks in Kasindi, which is located on the border with Uganda.

Troops from Uganda’s army have deployed to eastern Congo to try to stem the violence, but the attacks have increased and spread. ADF attacks since April have killed at least 370 civilians and involved the abduction of several hundred more, a report by the United Nations last month said.

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