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China: Sinicization of Christianity Comes to Hong Kong

The Chinese Communist Party is working actively to destroy Christianity and replace it in the hearts, minds, and souls of the people of China.

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“Sinicization of Christianity Comes to Hong Kong,” by Gladys Kwok, Bitter Winter, May 24, 2023:

Hong Kong is becoming just like any other Chinese city, and this is increasingly true for religion as well. In CCP jargon, “Sinicization” of Christianity does not mean adapting churches to Chinese culture but making them subservient to the Party.

The government-controlled Protestant Three-Self Church is now extending its tentacles to Hong Kong as well. Its chairperson, Pastor Xu Xiaohong, came to Hong Kong on May 18–19 to preside over a “Seminar on the Sinicization of Christianity” at the YMCA Hotel. Pastor Wu Wei, president of the China Christian Council, an umbrella organization for all Protestant churches in China, also accompanied him, together with other clergy and five Three-Self academics.

More or less voluntarily, some 120 Protestant leaders from Hong Kong had to attend. Present was also the leader of Hong Kong Anglican Church, Archbishop Andrew Chan, who delivered a prayer and blessed the participants.

In one of the opening speeches, Pastor Wu Wei immediately explained what Xi Jinping expects from “Sinicization” of Christianity: not only an aesthetic style that would replace Western with Chinese iconography but an adaptation to China’s political system led by the Central Committee of the CCP.

Pastor Xu Xiaohong reiterated that “Sinicization” is the adaptation of Christianity to the Chinese society as it exists today. Since the Chinese society is Socialist, it is expected that the Hong Kong churches will adapt to Socialism….

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