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China: Communist Party authorities raid Christian memorial service, seize religious items, ban prayer and singing

The raid of a Christian memorial service highlights the new impunity of the Chinese government in its efforts to transform Christianity into a tool of the state. The Christians of China can feel safe nowhere in China. They cannot pray and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without fear anywhere. This threatens all the Christians of the country, including the tiny community of Orthodox Christians in China.

This is yet another instance in a very long series of the persecution of Christians in China by governing officials. This is unfortunately on the increase not only in China, but in all too many other nations around the world.

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“CCP Guiyang authorities raid Christian memorial service site—seize all religious memorabilia; ban prayer and singing,” China Aid, July 16, 2021:

(Guiyang, Guizhou Province—July 16, 2021) Recently, as a Guiyang City house church held a memorial service for an elderly Christian at a local funeral home Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials raided the venue, and forcibly confiscated religious memorabilia. After changing the arrangements the senior’s family had made, prior to invited guest arriving, CCP authorities removed the tablecloth imprinted with the symbol of a cross, and insignia, “God loves people,” “Rest in peace,” etc. Officials banned praying, singing hymns, and reading the Scriptures from the service.

The next day, CCP personnel monitored the funeral home’s entrance, prohibiting Christians from bringing musical instruments (including an electronic keyboard) into the funeral home. Officials threatened members of the band, “You are responsible for the results if you bring any musical instruments in….”

In Guiyang, one city increasingly persecuting Christians over the past few years. CCP officials have cracked down on, and regularly demolished house churches. Authorities have also raided Sunday worship services, as well as homes of pastors, elders, and Christians, arresting many who profess faith in Jesus. This raid, however, the first case where authorities forcibly raided a memorial service venue, indicates the CCP’s escalating suppression on Christianity and house churches….

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