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China: Christian Teachers Forced to Renounce Faith, Become Communist Party’s Political Pawns

Persecution of Christians in China: as we have reported here for quite some time, the Chinese government is in the midst of an all-out campaign to turn Christianity into a weak religion that is entirely subservient to the Chinese Communist Party, and that doesn’t teach anything that would lead Chinese people away from Communist Party dogma. “Teachers are required to indoctrinate children with patriotic ideology, make them believe and praise the Party,” and that ideology is regarded as incompatible with Christianity.

This is a matter of grave concern for Orthodox Christians in China and all other Christians as well. Holy Orthodoxy in China predates this war on Christianity. It has a three-hundred year history in China, with the first Orthodox Christians coming into the country in 1685. In the 1980s, the Chinese Orthodox Church began to experience a revival.

Pray that it not be snuffed out. The Order of Saint Andrew, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, requests once again that the Chinese government end these repressive measures, grant official recognition to the Chinese Orthodox Church, and give full religious freedom to all the Christians of that nation.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in China, see here.

“Teachers Forced to Renounce Faith, Become CCP’s Political Pawns,” by Han Sheng, Bitter Winter, May 18, 2020:

A kindergarten teacher who has been a member of the state-run Catholic church since her youth told Bitter Winter that she was reluctant to go to church for quite some time because of the pressure from the kindergarten administration. Threats to give up her faith began in October 2019, along with constant criticism during staff meetings, like “some teachers continue to hold religious beliefs while the Communist Party feeds them.”

“The state’s control over ideology is becoming stricter and stricter, particularly in the field of education,” the teacher said. “If teachers hold religious beliefs, not only follow the Communist Party, this becomes a political problem for the government.”

The school principal also warned her that several million RMB given to the county where the school is located as part of the “spiritual civilization award” could be withdrawn if the central government learns about her faith. Such awards, which usually involve substantial financial incentives, are given to communities designated as “civilized,” i.e., economically developed and free of religion. “I learned that another county had all of its civilization awards revoked because an inspection team discovered two primary school students singing Christian hymns,” the teacher added.

“Teachers are required to indoctrinate children with patriotic ideology, make them believe and praise the Party,” she continued. “The entire country is permeated with patriotism. Moreover, schools have assigned special personnel to monitor and report on religious teachers and students. They were told to give up their faith, and some have been designated as key targets of surveillance, the authorities fearing that they will develop ‘counterrevolutionary influence,’ collude with foreign forces, and cause chaos.”

After President Xi Jinping stressed during a national education conference on September 10, 2018, that the fundamental task for education is to train builders and successors of socialism, the pressure on teachers to indoctrinate students increased significantly….

To make sure that children have no contact with religion, the CCP alters literary classics, language, and history textbooks. It also prohibits teachers from using any religious terms or wearing religious symbols in class….

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