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Huntington Calls Turkey Best Candidate to Lead Islamic World

Well known by his “Clash of Civilizations” thesis, acclaimed political scientist Professor Samuel Huntington said that Turkey is in the “best position” to lead the Islamic world.

Professor Huntington of Harvard University argued that there has been a big division within the Islamic world and this has caused a big problem. He noted that Islamic countries have always competed with each other and there is no single country among them undertaking the role of leadership. Huntington said that Turkey is in the best position to lead the Islamic world, to mediate in disputes between Muslim countries as well as Muslim and non-Muslim countries, and to play a top-level and responsible role in encouraging economic development.

Professor Huntington also argued that the end of the Cold War completely removed the former framework of Turkish politics. He indicated that everything has changed and Turkey now faces both opportunities and difficulties to define its new role in these changed conditions. Professor Huntington also expressed that the demographic enlargement of Islam has formed a challenge to the West and another challenge has been brought on by the recent economic development of China and other East Asian countries. Huntington emphasized that the US will remain the sole super power in the world for a long time and he does not think that China will become a global super power like the US in the near future. Professor Huntington stressed that reconciliation between China and the US in their power struggle in East Asia is of vital importance.


By Anadolu News Agency (aa)

Published: Sunday May 22, 2005

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