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Eurlings Says Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Should Be Able To Define Itself As Ecumenical Patriarchate

ISTANBUL – European Parliament’s Turkey Rapporteur Camiel Eurlings said on Thursday that the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate should be able to define itself as ”ecumenical patriarchate”.

Speaking at the international conference on ”Foundations for European Solidarity and Cooperation Making Enlargement Possible” held in association with the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate and the European Parliament (EP) Christian Democrats and European Democrats Group, Eurlings said that the reform process in Turkey would create more freedom, and it would be valid for religious minorities.

In that case, the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate should be able to define itself as ”ecumenical patriarchate”, Eurlings said.

Noting that Turkey would succeed in making those changes by working together with the EU, Eurlings said that everyone should be able to fulfil their religious beliefs since it was one of the essential necessities in Europe.

Meanwhile, Greek National Education & Religions Minister Marietta Yiannakou said that Turkey could become a full member of the EU after fulfilling some certain conditions. She listed those conditions as freedom of religion, protection of minority rights and human rights.

Yiannaku said that the seminary in Heybeliada, which was closed down in 1971, should be re-opened.

Jaime Mayor Oreja, a member of the European Parliament, said that the EU was a project of unifying European nations.

The EU is a historic success of peace and freedom, Oreja said, adding that our fear of repetition of the history led us to found the EU.

Now, that fear replaced with fear of future. We are concerned about the EU constitution, globalization, migration and social changes, Oreja said.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Bosnia-Herzegovina parliament, Barisha Colak said that new Europe could only be created by establishing civil society.

Stressing that they were obliged to provide a general compromise in society, Colak added that such a compromise required forgiveness.

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