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CBS 60 Minutes to air Christians of the Holy Land, April 22 at 7pm

The story about the shrinking population of the Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land will be broadcast this Sunday, April 22 at 7pm EST, on CBS’s 60 Minutes.  The segment is produced by Harry A. Radliffe II.

Bob Simon, who reported two years earlier on the plight of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul and Halki Seminary, now reports on the slow exodus from the Holy Land of Palestinian Christians, who say life in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become too difficult. His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem is prominently featured in the story.

For those who do not have access to CBS News in your area, you can watch the story on:  The story will be posted on Sunday evening after it airs on TV. There will also be an added feature on 60 Minutes Overtime at:

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