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Archon National Council Elects New National Council Functionaries

On Friday, January 21, 2022, at a meeting of the National Council of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, four National Council Functionaries were elected: a Historian, a Legal Counselor, a Sergeant At Arms, and an Assistant Treasurer.

George Demacopoulos, PhD, Archon Didaskalos Tou Genous, was reelected as the Historian of the Order. Elected as Legal Counselor was Peter Kakoyiannis, Esq., Archon Nomophylax; he succeeds Christopher Stratakis, Esq., Archon Notarios, who is retiring after over twenty years of outstanding service. Sergeant At Arms Alexander Pritsos, Archon Heiromnimon, and Assistant Treasurer Andreas Comodromos, CPA, Archon Dikaiophylax, were also both reelected.

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros stated: “The Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle is made up of faithful Orthodox Christians who have determined to safeguard and defend the Holy Center of our Faith, the Mother Church of Constantinople. These new Functionaries will further strengthen that sacred effort, to the benefit of the entire human family, under the one God Who reigns supreme above all.”

Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis, National Commander of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, said: “These National Council Functionaries are the pillar and backbone of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, and I am grateful for the service of each of them. Archon Demacopoulos consistently demonstrates intellectual rigor and a scrupulous regard for accuracy as Historian. Archon Kakoyiannis is a worthy choice to follow in the extraordinary footsteps of his remarkable predecessor, Archon Stratakis. Archon Pritsos and Archon Comodromos continue to execute their responsibilities with a high sense of loyalty and devotion to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The quality of these Functionaries demonstrates how God has blessed the Order and prospered our work for His Holy Church.”



Archon Professor George E. Demacopoulos, PhD performed expert research that resulted in the return to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the relics of St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom from the Vatican. He has also been a frequent guest lecturer on Orthodoxy at clergy and lay gatherings of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Archon Demacopoulos is currently the Fr. John Meyendorff & Patterson Family Chair of Orthodox Christian Studies at Fordham University and Co-Director of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at the same University. He was invested as Archon in 2010 and conferred with the offikion Didaskalos Tou Genous.


Legal Counselor

Archon Peter Kakoyiannis, Esq, a member of the law firm Eiseman Levine, is a graduate of the Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York and St. John’s University School of Law. He has extensive experience working on matters representing lending institutions in dealing with their commercial as well as real estate loan transactions. Mr. Kakoyiannis also has substantial experience in the acquisition, sale and development of real estate. His clients include real estate developers, domestic and foreign banks and foreign governments. Archon Kakoyiannis is a member of the bar of New York and Pennsylvania. He was invested as Archon in 1998 and conferred with the offikion Nomophylax.


Sergeant at Arms

Archon Alexander Pritsos has served as co-chair of the Athenagoras Human Rights Award Banquet and Archon weekend and co-chair of the committee to establish the website He also serves on the 2020-2022 Archdiocesan Council. He was an essential Archon volunteer in executing the logistics of the historic Great and Holy Council of Crete. He served his country in the U.S. Army and worked in government logistics and surveillance. Archon Pritsos was invested as Archon in 1992 and conferred with the offikion Hieromnimon.


Assistant Treasurer

Archon Andreas D. Comodromos, CPA is a successful accountant with his own firm, Comodromos Associates, PA, and nearly 40 years of accounting experience. Archon Comodromos serves as president and managing partner of Comodromos Associates, which is based in Paramus, New Jersey. He has served several positions on the Board of the Cyprus Federation of America and was elected Supreme President for two consecutive terms, from 1991 to 1995. Archon Comodromos was invested as Archon in 1996 and conferred with the offikion Dikaiophylax.

Archons of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle are honorees by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew for outstanding service to the Church, and are well-known distinguished, and well-respected leaders of the Orthodox Christian community. It is the sworn oath of the Archon to defend and promote the Orthodox Christian faith and tradition. His special concern and interest is to serve as a bulwark to protect and promote the Sacred See of Saint Andrew the Apostle in Constantinople, and its mission.

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