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Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Chairman Sinan Aygun Calls for Investigation of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

ANKARA (DIHA) – Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) chairman Sinan Aygun stated that national sovereignty has been disregarded completely in Orthodox Summit held in Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate wanted Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos to be investigated.


ATO chairman Aygun reacted against Orthodox Summit held in Istanbul with the call of Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate to make negotiations about Jerusalem Patriarch who was heavily criticized by St. Synode council because of renting church lands in Palestine to Israel. Aygun made a written statement and said “Orthodox summit held in Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate is a canon court which completely disregards our national sovereignty.”





 Aygun stated that according to Lausanne agreement Patriarchate can only deal with religious aspects such as marry couples, baptize children, make funerals and it bit off more than it can chew. Aygun stated that Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch wants to be Ecumenical and wanted him to be investigated.





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