SpeakerProf. Dr. Huseyin Hatemi

SpeakerProf. Dr. Huseyin Hatemi

Professor, Istanbul University School Of Law And Maltepe University | Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Hüseyin Hatemi was born in 1939 in Istanbul and graduated from the Faculty of Law, Istanbul University in 1960. In the same year he started to work in the university as an assistant. He received his Ph.D. degree in law. Professor Hatemi became a member of the faculty in the Department of Civil Law and wrote his associated professorship thesis, “The Concept of Contradiction to Law and Ethics and Related Consequences,” in 1973.

He worked at the Max Planck Institute in 1979-1980 in Hamburg, Germany. He then received a scholarship from the Alexander V. Humboldt Foundation to study in Germany. He stayed in Gotingen and Munich. Before leaving Germany, he participated in a conference about the development of foundation institutions in the Ottoman Turkish Law and the current situation at the Eastern Studies Department of Munich University.

Upon invitation of the president of the Assembly of Neuchatel Canton, he gave a conference at the assembly about Islam and Pluralism in 1998. For a while, he was actively involved in the European Law Department activities.

Dr. Hatemi has been invited to courts an as expert for the solution of legal disputes of communities for more than 30 years. He is actively involved and takes part in the solution of disputes between various institutions and establishments together with Non-Government Organizations for the sake of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue. He has written numerous scientific articles that have been published in national and international publications in Turkish, German and French.