Şahin Alpay, Ph.D.

Şahin Alpay, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer, Bahcesehir University

Senior Lecturer, Bahcesehir University | Istanbul, Turkey

  • Senior Lecturer, Bahcesehir University
  • Columnist, Zaman and Today’s Zaman

Dr. Alpay received his B.A. degree at the Political Science Faculty of Ankara University (1967) and his Ph.D. degree in political science at the Political Science Department of Stockholm University (1981). He was editor and columnist for leading Turkish daily newspapers (Cumhuriyet, Sabah, Milliyet) between 1982-2001. He served briefly as director of the Turkish Social and Economic Research Foundation in 1992 and  of the Research Center of the People’s Republican Party in 1993. He has lectured in various European and Turkish universities, and was guest professor of Turkish politics at Princeton University in the spring term of 1998.  His comments on Turkish politics and often quoted in the international media.

He lectures mainly in Turkish politics and comparative politics at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul since 2011, and wrties regular columns for Zaman and Today’s Zaman dailies since 2002.

His latest academic publications include: “Making Sense of Turkish Politics,” The International Spectator, Vol. 43, No.3, September, 2008. “The Declining ‘Soft Power’ of the EU Regarding Turkey, and its Consequences” in Peter M.E. Volten (ed.), Perceptions and misperceptions in the  EU and Turkey: Stumbling blocks on the road to accession, The Centre of European Security Studies, Groningen: 2009.” The European Union and the Consolidation of Democracy in Turkey,” The Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, Vol. 20, 2009. “Two Faces of the Press in Turkey: The Role of the Media in Turkey’s Modernisation and Democratisation,” in (Celia J. Kerslake, Kerem Öktem and Philip Robins (eds.), Turkey’s Engagement with Modernity: Conflict and Change in the Twentieth Century, London: Palgrave Macmillan.