Kezban Hatemi

Kezban Hatemi

Attorney | Istanbul, Turkey

Mrs. Hatemi graduated from Istanbul University School of Law in 1972. After finishing her internship, she, as a registered lawyer to the Istanbul Bar Association, started working as an independent lawyer. She was written numerous articles in the field of law. Human rights, women rights, child rights and animal welfare are her areas of interest.

She participates in a variety of national and international conferences and symposiums as a speaker and works on issues regarding Islamic law, civil law and the law of foundations. She has participated in numerous conferences and symposiums on homeless children and the fight against drugs.

In compliance with the General Secretariat of the European Union and the European Commission’s Turkey Unit, Mrs. Hatemi worked on legal regulations on religious freedom, and the Foundation of Laws of Communities and minorities. She is on the board of trustees of both the Technical University and Darulacaze Foundation.

In 1995, she joined Humanity Initiative for Bosnia, and after her return from Bosnia, she participated in various conferences and meetings in order to speed up the aid process. In Turkey’s National Commission for UNESCO’s XXIII term, she worked in the Specialized Dialogue Committee on Dialogue of Civilizations studies. Her husband, Dr. Hüseyin Hatemi, is also an attorney and a participant in this conference.