Andrew Finkel

Andrew Finkel



Andrew Finkel has been a journalist based in Turkey since 1989, corresponding for a variety of print and broadcast media including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Economist, TIME, and CNN.  More unusually, he has worked in the Turkish language press both in the news room and as a featured columnist (Sabah, Milliyet, and Taraf) and appears frequently on Turkish television. He is a regular contributor to the Latitude section of the International New York Times and corresponds for The Art Newspaper from Istanbul.

His free-lance articles and editorials have appeared in a large number of publications including The Washington Post, The Guardian, the Observer, Foreign Affairs, The Financial Times, and Le Monde Diplomatique. He is a founder member of Platform24, an initiative to support media independence in Turkey. His opinions have been sought for a variety of broadcast current affairs programmes from the BBC to CBS. He is also the contributing editor and restaurant critic of Cornucopia Magazine.

His latest book Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know is published by Oxford University Press.