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India: Jains seek right to worship in disputed mosque complex

There are between four and five million Jains worldwide. Most reside in India.

“Now, Jains seek right to worship in disputed Bhojshala-Kamal Maula Mosque complex,” PTI, July 1, 2024:

Indore: A social activist has filed a writ petition in the Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court, seeking the “right to worship” for his Jain community members in the disputed Bhojshala-Kamal Maula Mosque complex in Dhar.

The petition has claimed this complex once used to be a Jain Gurukul and a Jain temple where an idol of Goddess Ambika was installed.

The HC is likely to hear this week the petition filed on June 29 by Delhi-based social activist Salek Chand Jain, his lawyer Manohar Singh Chauhan said Monday.

The plea has been moved at a time when the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is set to present a report on its survey of the 11-century Bhojshala complex in the HC following the court order.

The site is claimed by both Hindus and Muslims, leading to a dispute about its nature.

The HC on March 11 directed the ASI to carry out a ‘scientific survey’ of the Bhojshala complex, a medieval-era monument, on a petition by an organisation named ‘Hindu Front for Justice’.

While Hindus believe the monument is a temple of Goddess Vagdevi (Saraswati), the Muslim community calls it Kamal Maula Mosque.

The activist’s petition claimed there used to be a Jain Gurukul and Jain temple in the Bhojshala complex where monks from the community and scholars taught students….

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