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India: Dozens of Christians Falsely Jailed on Anti-Conversion Charges

Today the Malankara Orthodox Church of the East remains in India, an apostolic Church that broke with Holy Orthodoxy over the Council of Chalcedon in 451. There is also a small number of Orthodox Christians under the jurisdiction of the the Holy Metropolis of Singapore.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in India, see here.

“Dozens of Christians Falsely Jailed on Anti-Conversion Charges in India,” International Christian Concern, July 26, 2023:

07/26/2023 India (International Christian Concern) – Nine Christians, including eight women, were recently jailed on false charges of conversion in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The police arrested eight women and one man after a confrontation perpetrated by Hindu nationalists at a prayer gathering of Christians in Azamgarh district.

Local sources said a mob of anti-Christian assailants stormed into the tent adjacent to the house and started to rip off the tent and break plastic chairs and other furniture used for the prayer gathering. The mob also threatened the Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus or face dire consequences, including losing their crops and land. The police arrived right as the mob finished destroying the tent, and arrested several congregants on false charges of forcible conversions.

In a separate event, when women gathered at a house to pray for the release of those jailed, Hindu nationalists informed the police about alleged conversions occurring there. Thus, the police rushed and took five other women to the police and sent them to jail….

Similarly, in another incident, eleven Christians were jailed in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. A local pastor visited the 11 Christians who are in the jail awaiting release on bail. The wife of the pastor said, “The situation is very dangerous for Christians in the entire area where we are living now, since there is absolutely no freedom to gather and worship. If we want to worship, we need to be ready to go to jail; that is what happened to my husband and his congregation,” she said.

According to a Christian leader who wished to remain anonymous, “There are at least 57 Christians reeling in the jail on conversion charges right now, some of these victims are young mothers, who needs to take care of their children and run their kitchen, it is sad that these innocent people are being falsely framed and were sent to jail.”…

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