Dr. William J. Antholis: “Religious Tolerance and Pluralism in a Global Context”

Perhaps Brookings greatest accomplishment in its 97 years has been to help design the Marshall Plan in 1947. Not only did that contribute to reviving post-War Europe, but it also followed through on President Truman’s commitment to aid Greece and Turkey earlier that year. A Europe whole and free – including Greece and Turkey – […]

Dr. h.c. Nikolaus Schneider

It is a joy and honor for me to extend the warmest of greetings to you both personally and on behalf of the Evangelical Church in Germany Council.

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France

Can we imagine a world where people of minority religions can live in peace and security? Freedom of religion is the fundamental right of every living person.

Yannis Ktistakis: “The Exemption from General Measures”

From 1989 onwards, after tearing down the Berlin wall, a significant change took place in Europe with regard to the appearance of the minority issue. The new environment coercively induced Europeans to create an adequate scope of protection for minorities, but also to develop the policy of intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

Anthony J. Limberakis, M.D.: “Closing Conference Address”

It is with a real sense of accomplishment and gratefulness that I present my closing remarks to these two past remarkable days. Many thanks are due to many individuals, but I will reserve that expression of gratitude for our fellowship later this evening. For the moment, please allow me some reflection and observation.