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Nigeria: Man Was Given Gun and Told to ‘Go and Kill Christians’

The goal of those who are killing Christians in Nigeria is to terrorize them into fleeing the area, freeing up their land for use by the attackers and their associates.

The Nigerian government continues to do little or nothing to stop this activity.

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“Plateau crisis: How our boss gave us gun to kill Christians – Suspect confesses,” by Ochogwu Sunday, Daily Post Nigeria, September 22, 2021:

Following the incessant unrest in Plateau State, the police have arrested one Mr Sanusi Lauwali in Bauchi State over alleged kidnapping, armed robbery and other criminal activities.

The suspect, while being paraded by the Commissioner of Police, Bauchi State Command, Sylvester Alabi at the Bauchi State command headquarters, disclosed that he had killed several people during religious crises in Jos, Plateau State.

He revealed that whenever there is any religious crisis in the state, his undisclosed boss would give them guns to go to Plateau and kill Christians.

The 27-year old suspect could not specify the number of persons he had killed during the religious crisis in the state but, however, said the victims are not up to 10.

He said, “I cannot remember how many people I have killed, they are not up to 10, but I think they are at least five people.

“I killed these people during religious crises in Plateau State. These are the people I shot and killed.”

Asked where he gets the gun he uses to kill, he said: “It is our boss that gives us the guns.”

He added, ”I live in Tunga village outside Jos, but anytime there is a crisis, he will send us to the place to go and kill Christians….

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