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Nigeria: Head of Christian Village Among Three Killed by Islamist Gunmen in Plateau State

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“Head of Nigerian Christian Village Among Three Killed by Islamist Gunmen in Plateau State,” Barnabas Fund, October 26, 2022:

Islamist gunmen attacked a Christian-majority community in Plateau State, Nigeria on 17 October, killing three people including the head of the village, Salisu Idris.

The gang rode into Nyalun, in Wase Local Government Area, on motorcycles at around 9.30pm and started shooting.

“They went straight to the traditional ruler’s house, killed him and abducted five members of his family,” said a local youth leader. “They also killed two other people.”

The homes of Christians in Wang village were set on fire during an attack by Fulani militants [Image credit: Christian Solidarity International]

A Barnabas contact said Islamist attackers often seek out and kill the heads of Christian communities in order to create terror. “They want to destroy the administrative set up and cause chaos,” he added.

Twelve Christians were killed earlier in October in attacks on Christian-majority farming communities in the Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State….

Locals say the Fulani militants are targeting Christian farmers to take over their lands….

Regional youth leader Marshall Sule added, “What we are seeing is a possible repeat of what has happened to our neighbours in Riyom and Barkin Ladi Local Government Areas where many Christian farming villages were seized after the owners were killed and displaced.

“Many of those seized villages have now been turned to no-go areas for Christians.”

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