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Central African Republic: Extremists shoot dead two pastors after Christmas Day service

Persecution of Christians in the Central African Republic: the situation for all Christians is very precarious, as is exemplified by the unclear status of the nation’s Orthodox Christians. According to Orthodox Christian Initiative for Africa in 2016, “in the Central African Republic there are very few Orthodox Christians. In 2008 some were baptized and they had three priests (or only one). We do not know what their present situation is. The Central African Republic, like so many other countries in our troubled, beloved Africa, is tormented by poverty and violence. What happened to the Orthodox Christians our brothers who live there? I would like to find out….We pray that Jesus Christ, the God of Love, will protect and bless the Orthodox Church in that country, as well as all its people. The Orthodox Church of the Central African Republic belongs to the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Metropolis of Cameroon, which is struggling as best it can to help the people of these countries.”

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in the Central African Republic, see here.

“Extremists shoot dead two pastors after Christmas Day service in Central African Republic,” Barnabas Fund, January 6, 2020:

Two pastors were shot dead by Muslim militants as they travelled together by car after a Christmas service on 25 December in the Central African Republic (CAR).

A Barnabas Fund contact said Pastor Paul Djirobe was driving from his church in Batangafo to Bouca to the home of Pastor Michael Radjino, a visiting coordinator of a group of evangelical churches, when they were attacked by Seleka jihadists. Both men were shot in the head.

Militants continued shooting, preventing efforts to recover the bodies….

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