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Afghanistan: Shi’ite Muslim Hazaras Face Brutal Persecution Under Taliban Rule

There are around six million Hazaras in Afghanistan, constituting about 14.6% of the population.

“Hazaras in Afghanistan Face Brutal Persecution Under Taliban Rule,” Shia Waves, May 16, 2024:

Since the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, the Hazara ethnic minority and Shia Muslim population have faced a devastating campaign of escalated violence, systematic discrimination, and social isolation, the Jurist reported in an article yesterday.

The Taliban’s discriminatory policies have stripped Hazaras and Shias of their fundamental rights and freedoms, the article emphasized.

The Taliban’s early actions included abolishing the Shia Personal Status Law, removing Ja’fari jurisprudence from the education system, and dismissing Shia judges. Their interim government also conspicuously lacks any Hazara or Shia representation, further undermining the Shia population’s status as Afghan citizens.

“The Taliban’s cabinet and supreme court lack Hazara or Shia representation,” the text states, “a decision that parallels the exclusion of women from governance roles.”…

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