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Archon George Demacopoulos Explains Putin’s Use of Christianity for Political Ends on Fox News

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, Archon Dr. George Demacopoulos appeared on Fox News to discuss how Vladimir Putin is using the Russian Orthodox Church for political purposes in connection with the invasion of Ukraine and more.

In an interview with Fox News’ religion correspondent Lauren Green, Archon Demacopoulos explained that “the violence that Putin is unleashing in Ukraine is designed to protect Russian speakers from the ‘Godless West.’” Archon Demacopoulos also pointed out that “Putin is not a genuine believer; Putin is an instrumentalizer of religion.”

Prof. Dr. George E. Demacopoulos is the Fr. John Meyendorff & Patterson Family Chair of Orthodox Christian Studies at Fordham University, and is Co-Director of Fordham’s Orthodox Christian Studies Center. He was invested as Archon in 2010 and conferred with the offikion Didaskalos tou Genous, and currently serves as the Order’s Historian on the National Council.

Lauren Green was in attendance at the John Halecky Jr. 18th Annual Archon National Retreat at the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church in Southampton, New York, April 8-9, 2022.

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